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calla flowers.
dew drops.
A human haven’t invented a single new line, a single shape already existing in nature. Everything was invented by some genius long before us. The world of plants and animals is full of inspiration and secrets, full of pleasure and passion, full of strength. Thin and elegant, sparkling and attractive, giving light and luring with the feeling of morning coolness... Flora chandelier will rightfully take the main place in your space, forming an entire world of interior around it.

Enjoy Elegance

Glossy pendants from Flora collection are made of bone china in the form of elegant calla flowers. The light, going down the optic fiber illuminates porcelain pendants and creates a bright glow.

Noble material


Pendants from Flora collection are made of glazed bone china. Bone china has a different composition than other varieties. One of the ingredients of the mixture is bone powder, it makes porcelain snow-white, light and translucent. Flora pendants are manufactured with the “glazing” technology. The porcelain is covered with a special mixture, which, after baking in in high-temperature furnaces, makes a smooth glassy surface.



Brightly shining and purest crystals Swarovski with perfect cutting, manufactured using a special technology, are the best partners for noble porcelain. Together, they create this high level when we can call every Sagarti chandelier a masterpiece. Crystals are used in models as a final touch of the pendant design: optic fiber, which conducts the light, goes into the crystal. A ray of light striking the crystal disperses and creates a bright glow.


Full cycle production

Up to



made of porcelain

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of meticulous manual labor

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spent on collection development

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Create an interior in a uniform style using articles with different purposes from one collection. Offering you a selection that caters to your comfort and suits your style is our priority.


Nika Elistratov

Nika Elistratova is a professional designer and co-founder of the Sagarti company. She attended the College of Architecture and Penza University of Architecture and Construction for nine years, where she received two degrees with honors, one as an architect-designer and the other in interior design.


Flora pendant

In the image, the Flora pendant in a spacious bedroom, complemented by a chandelier lamp installed by the bed. The chandelier is simultaneously a primary light source and an ornate objet d'art. The transition from decorative to bright lighting mode allows you to create an entirely different atmosphere, transforming the living room from a comfortable relaxation area to a perfectly lit working environment.


Flora pendant

The Flora pendant lamp is designed to function as accent lighting. It can be used to define rooms, highlight specific areas, and to create evocative lighting effects. It is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms with separate areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, and any other environment that requires localized lighting.

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The metal base of Alba luminaires has an eco-leather overlay. The specific name of the material is vinyl leather, made in Germany under the Denkart brand.
Vinyl leather is composed of a fabric base treated with a thermoplastic polymer. This type of material meets our high-quality requirements:
- It is used both for both car and yacht interiors, and to upholster outdoor furniture. It resistant to atmospheric agents and UV radiation while maintaining quality and color.
- Easily withstands temperatures from - 35 to + 80 ° C. - It has no particular maintenance requirements: it can be safely washed with disinfectants and chemical detergents - Resistant to scratches and dirt.
And this is only a glimpse of the extensive list of its qualities.


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Primary illumination bulbs.

12 W LED bulbs, set in the chandelier base, provide bright lighting.

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Optical fiber.

Optical fiber is a modern light-conducting material, used in lighting for its striking aesthetics and practical use. Porcelain flowers are hung along a fiber optic strand. The light, going through the strand, illuminates the flowers and creates a graceful suggestive glow.

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Swarovski crystals

The brightest and purest Swarovski crystals, cut to perfection, are the ideal companion to our superior porcelain. As they elevate each other's singular qualities, they allow us to call every Sagarti chandelier a masterpiece. Crystals are used in designs as a finishing touch on decorative elements: light from the optic fiber strands strikes the crystal and disperses, creating a radiant glow.


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Calla lily-shaped elements are made of glazed bone china. The bone powder contained within this material gives the product an incredible whiteness and translucency.
The term "glazed" describes a particular finish. The porcelain is coated with a specific substance before being fired at high temperatures in a kiln. The finished result is a marvelously smooth glazed surface.

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Diameter : 50 cm.

Total height : 150 cm.

Base height: 10 cm.


Voltage: 220 V

Projection device: 1 х Led 27 W

Main light lamps: 4 х Led MR16 6 W


Pendant material: bone china, glazed

Pendant elements color: white glazed

Number of pendants: 13 pcs.

Base color: white glazed

Base material: metal, eco-leather

Select the diameter:


4337 ₽

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