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Decor Alba


Alba birds will permeate your home with their vitality, bringing joy and harmony. It is believed that birds cannot be sorrowful, as they enjoy eternal freedom, spreading their wings to soar toward unimaginable heights and distances. They fly with the awareness that their agility will bring them joy, as it carries them far from sorrow and melancholy. With Alba birds in your home, you will always revel in that same happiness.

Experience Joy

In our Alba collection, porcelain pendants in the shape of flowers are arranged along glowing “stems” made of optic fiber strands. Inside the ring of flowers is a flock of hovering porcelain hummingbirds.

Noble material


Porcelain holds a distinctive aesthetic, which combines its elegance, subtle translucency, and smooth surface. Porcelain is a material with many centuries of history that seamlessly merges with our premium quality chandeliers’ designs. Porcelain is also an eco-friendly material, consisting entirely of natural components – white clay, quartz, and field spar. The translucency of this snow-white, high-quality china allows the graceful buds to glow softly in the fiber optic strands’ gentle twinkle.
Alba Sagarti is completely handmade.



Every aspect of a Sagarti product must be flawless, which is why you won't find ordinary glass or low-quality crystals in any of our creations. We demand absolute perfection for your satisfaction. Impeccably cut, exceptionally pure, and extraordinarily brilliant, Swarovski crystals represent the ideal combination for porcelain of the highest quality. Two premium materials that combined make Sagarti chandeliers real works of art.


Full cycle production



Create an interior in a uniform style using articles with different purposes from one collection. Offering you a selection that caters to your comfort and suits your style is our priority.


Olga Pugachova

Olga Pugachova took part in manufacturing all Sagarti collections, but the Alba collection, into which she poured her heart and soul, is where she truly shines. Look at these glowing flowers, at the graceful hummingbirds, and you will see the beauty of this world through Olga's eyes. Olga loves to draw and in her spare time teaches art workshops for children, with the goal of cultivating creativity and creative thinking. After all, by teaching someone you come to know yourself! Even a small hobby can help expand your horizons. Favorite phrase: "Beauty is in the details". This hobby helps Olga to expand not only her own limits but also the product range of Sagarti company.


Decor Alba

Decorate your bedroom with porcelain Alba birds. These nature-inspired ornamental elements would hang above the nightstand, embellishing the room without taking up space.


Decor Alba

The Alba pendant decor is designed to give a finishing touch to the interior, embellishing and highlighting particular areas of your home. It can be placed inside niches, above tables and fireplaces, or any other space that could benefit from a decorative element.

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Gold leaf 

The bird-shaped decorative elements are made enriched with gold leaf applications. Thin gold sheets are applied to each bird figurine's head and tail, before being smoothed with a brush and then varnished. The finished result is a vibrant contrast between the warm, matte surface of the biscuit china and the gilded elegance of the gold. 

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Bone china 

Bird-shaped elements are made of biscuit bone china. Bone china has a specific composition. The exceptional ingredient, which makes it snow-white, light, and translucent, is bone powder. The term ""biscuit"", on the other hand, refers to porcelain that has undergone a particular baking process, once completed, is smoothed to perfection and left unglazed. This material is highly valued for both its aesthetic qualities and the complexity of the manufacturing process. To achieve the kind of flawlessness that allows for an unglazed surface, a master sculptor must follow a lengthy meticulous procedure to ensure the final result is perfectly smooth and velvety to the touch.

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Width: 13 cm.

Height: 14/35 cm.


Pendant material:bone china

Mount type: jewelry cable



146 ₽

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