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Ammi Pendant


flower gardens.
The most delicate translucent petals of porcelain flowers whisper to us about tenderness, the fragility of beauty, and unforgettable moments. Appreciation of fine art will kindle feelings of reverence and passion. Behold our masterpiece: Ammi.

Feel Tenderness

Extraordinary lighting items adorned with thousands of porcelain flowers. A dream of a long spring and everlasting beauty come true.

Noble material


Porcelain holds a distinctive aesthetic, which combines its elegance, subtle translucency, and smooth surface. Porcelain is a material with many centuries of history that seamlessly merges with our premium quality chandeliers’ designs. Porcelain is also an eco-friendly material, consisting entirely of natural components – white clay, quartz, and field spar. The translucency of this snow-white, high-quality china allows the graceful buds to glow softly in the fiber optic strands’ gentle twinkle.
Alba Sagarti is completely handmade.



The brightest and purest Swarovski crystals, cut to perfection, are the ideal companion to our superior porcelain. As they elevate each other's singular qualities, they allow us to call every Sagarti chandelier a masterpiece. Crystals are used in designs as a finishing touch on decorative elements: light from the optic fiber strands strikes the crystal and disperses, creating a radiant glow.


Full cycle production

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Create an interior in a uniform style using articles with different purposes from one collection. Your comfort is our priority, which is why we make sure to offer you a comprehensive selection that allows you to promptly identify items that suit your style.


Anna Romanova

Born on September 6, 1987, she graduated with honors in Architecture and Civil Engineering from the Belinsky Pedagogical Institute in Penza with a thesis titled "The Architecture of Residential and Industrial Buildings and Structures." She considers her previous job working in a flower shop a propitious and stimulating experience.


Ammi Pendant

Platform design studio project published in ElleDecoration. Three Ammi pendant lights with reduced diameter, 320 mm, are located above the kitchen island. Each lamp comprises more than 300 handmade porcelain flowers.


Ammi Pendant

The Ammi pendant lamp is designed to function as accent lighting. It can be used to define rooms, highlight specific areas, and to create evocative lighting effects. It is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms with separate areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, and any other environment that requires localized lighting.

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The metal base of Alba luminaires has an eco-leather overlay. The specific name of the material is vinyl leather, made in Germany under the Denkart brand.
Vinyl leather is composed of a fabric base treated with a thermoplastic polymer. This type of material meets our high-quality requirements:
- It is used both for both car and yacht interiors, and to upholster outdoor furniture. It resistant to atmospheric agents and UV radiation while maintaining quality and color.
- Easily withstands temperatures from - 35 to + 80 ° C. - It has no particular maintenance requirements: it can be safely washed with disinfectants and chemical detergents - Resistant to scratches and dirt.
And this is only a glimpse of the extensive list of its qualities.


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Primary illumination bulbs.

The lighting is provided by 2 W LED bulbs, set in the base of the chandelier.

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Items from the Ammi collection are made from porcelain, a material with centuries of history. To manufacture the most delicate translucent petals, we use a specific sculpting porcelain. It’s a variety of English porcelain, neither glazed nor biscuit, called Parian ware, famous for its beautiful white marble color. Parian ware differs in its exceptional purity and brilliance, making it more sought after than the very highly requested biscuit.
Beyond its outstanding quality, Parian ware, like all porcelain, is eco-friendly. Porcelain consists of natural components – white clay, quartz, and field spat.

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SWAROVSKI crystals 

Each flower is complemented with a Swarovski crystal. Crystals are used in our designs as the finishing touch, completing the flower's core and scattering the light descending through the optical fiber strands.

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Optical fiber

is a modern light-conducting material, used in lighting for its striking aesthetics and practical use. Porcelain flowers are hung along a fiber optic strand. The light, going through the strand, illuminates the crystals and creates a graceful suggestive glow.

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Diameter : 110 cm.

Total height : 110 cm.

Base height: 20 cm.


Voltage: 220 V

Projection device: 1 х Led 27 W

Main light lamps: 16 х Led 2 W


Pendant material:фарфор, swarovski

Pendant elements color: white matte

Number of pendants: 570 pcs.

Base color: white matte

Base material: metal, eco-leather

Select the diameter:


6971 ₽

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