NEW IN 2022.
We prepared something absolutely new and beautiful. Do you want to be the first to know?

Not even the most sophisticated equipment can breathe life into an object, infuse it with the warmth and vitality it soaks up from its creator's soul, throught his hands..

The decorative porcelain elements of the our chandeliers are entirely handcrafted. Everyday, our artisans cast, fire, and polish porcelain figurines that will adorn a new, fabulous lighting masterpiece . High quality bone china is complemented by Swarovski crystals,which scatter the light and send it cascading down the optic fiber cables.

Sagarti has gathered a team of dedicated experts from different fields. Artists, sculptors, and designers generate ideas, and engineers and technologists carefully think through every detail of the models, select materials, and test equipment.

The result of our team’s work is Sagarti lighting fixtures that combine luxury materials, a clear sense of dimension, bold lighting solutions, a variety textures, and most of all, reliability and functionality.