This collection will bring a unique energy to your home, infusing it with joy and harmony. Flowers, be they real or cast from porcelain, by their very essence bring us happiness and remind us that we live in a marvelous world.

Invite our Ellea chandelier into your home, and the joy of nature's awakening will be with you all year round.



The Ellea ornaments are entirely hand sculpted from Parian porcelain, a highly malleable material. The completed porcelain flowers are placed in special molds to cure. Neither glazed nor biscuit, Parian ware is a variety of English porcelain famous for its beautiful white marble color. Parian ware differs in its exceptional purity and brilliance, making it more sought after than the very highly requested biscuit. Beyond its outstanding quality, Parian ware, like all porcelain, is eco-friendly.


Our Nika Elistratova, who is herself as charming and elegant as a flower, inspired the Sagarti team to experiment, which led to the successful creation of the Ellea collection.

Ellea chandelier

ellea mini

Ellea Grand 1

Ellea Grand 2


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