alba pendant lamp

Designer Olga Pugacheva

Experience Joy

In our Alba Collection, porcelain ornaments in the shape of flowers are arranged along glowing “stems” made of optic fiber strands. Inside the ring of flowers is a flock of hovering porcelain hummingbirds.

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Ceiling cup.

made of painted metal.

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Bowl shade. 

In the form of a flower is suspended on the wire in fabric braid. The element is made of biscuit bone china. Bone china has a specific composition. The exceptional ingredient, which makes it snow-white, light, and translucent, is bone powder.

The term "biscuit" refers to the specific of the processing. Biscuit is not a glazed and baked once or twice porcelain. This material is highly valued for both its aesthetic qualities and the complexity of the manufacturing process. The surface of the porcelain should be perfect. That’s why handwork: grinding and product refining, is very important here.

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Decorative element 

made of glazed bone china, its edge is decorated with fine gold line.

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Diameter : 6,5 cm.

Total height: 180 cm.

Base height: 4 cm.

Netto weight: 0,5 kgs.


Voltage: 220 V

Sourse: 1 х Led 9 W, G9


Material of suspended: bisque bone china

Pendant elements color: white matte

Number of pendants: 1 bud

Base color: white matte

Base material: bisque bone china

250 ₽





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Bone china

Noble material

Alba pendants are made of biscuit bone china. The most elegant type of porcelain contains bone powder, which gives bone china a special whiteness and strength. Bone china also has such a quality as translucency. Thin-walled items transmit light, which beautifully emphasizes the relief and curves. Biscuit porcelain is not covered with glaze. This material is highly valued for both its aesthetic qualities and the complexity of the manufacturing process.


Premium quality implies using only the most valuable and exclusive materials. The head of the decorative Alba bird is plated in real gold. A liquid mixture containing gold is artfully applied to the porcelain surface. After the firing process, the solvents evaporate, and a thin, even layer of precious metal remains.

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a fragment of an artist's soul.

Even the most sophisticated equipment cannot breathe life into an inanimate object. Through the warmth of an artists' hands, a piece of clay draws vitality from its creator's soul and gains life.

Olga Pugachova


Designer Olga Pugacheva lives in a very picturesque place, just a stone's throw from a forest and a lake. It comes as no surprise, then, that she's been so heavily influenced by nature's beauty. That’s why Sagarti was at first inspired by the image of a butterfly and continues to develop ever more eco-friendly and elegant nature-inspired designs. Olga graduated with honors in Interior Design at the State University of Architecture and Construction in Penza. She worked for more than ten years as an interior designer until the studio's team decided to attempt object design, and this is how the Sagarti company was born. Olga loves to draw and paint, her favorite medium being watercolors. In both her work at Sagarti and her private artwork, Olga gravitates towards natural themes and motifs. Favorite phrase: "Beauty is in the details".


The Alba Collection includes designs that differ in functionality, such as chandeliers for a central position in the interior, large-scale Grand Chandeliers, pendant lamps with a 50 cm diameter, single pendant lamps for additional lighting, as well as pendant home decor and wall mirrors.

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