Espira Chandelier

Designer Alexander Schipalkin

Experience Serenity

The Espira Collection ornaments are delicate leaves that seem frozen in weightlessness, caught soaring and dancing in a gust of wind.

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The metal base of Alba luminaires has an eco-leather overlay. The specific name of the material is vinyl leather, made in Germany under the Denkart brand.
Vinyl leather is composed of a fabric base treated with a thermoplastic polymer. This type of material meets our high-quality requirements:
- It is used both for both car and yacht interiors, and to upholster outdoor furniture. It resistant to atmospheric agents and UV radiation while maintaining quality and color.
- Easily withstands temperatures from - 35 to + 80 ° C. - It has no particular maintenance requirements: it can be safely washed with disinfectants and chemical detergents - Resistant to scratches and dirt.
And this is only a glimpse of the extensive list of its qualities.

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Optical fiber

is a modern light-conducting material, used in lighting for its striking aesthetics and practical use. Porcelain flowers are hung along a fiber optic strand. The light, going through the strand, illuminates the crystals and creates a graceful suggestive glow.

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The leaf-shaped pendants are cast from glazed bone china. The bone powder contained within this material gives the product an incredible whiteness and translucency.
The term "glazed" describes a particular finish. The porcelain is coated with a specific substance before being fired at high temperatures in a kiln. The finished result is a marvelously smooth glazed surface.

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Primary illumination bulbs.

10 W LED bulbs, located among the suspended decorative elements, provide bright lighting. The light sources are adorned with ornamental porcelain shades that hide the electronic components.


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SWAROVSKI crystals 

In all Espira luminaires, the design of the pendants is embellished with Swarovski crystals. The light, which falls through the optical fiber strands, hits the crystal and generates a luminous glow. 

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Diameter : 70 cm.

Total height : 80 cm.

Base height: 12,8 cm.

Netto weight: 21 kgs.


Voltage: 220 V

Projection device: 1 Led х 12W

Main light lamps: 8 Led х 10W, E14


Pendant material: bone china, glazed; swarovski crystals

Pendant elements color: white glazed

Number of pendants: 77 pcs.

Base color: white glazed

Base material: metal, eco-leather

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Bone china

Noble material

Espira pendants are made of bone china with a glazing technology. The most elegant type of porcelain contains bone powder, which gives bone china a special whiteness and strength. Bone china also has such a quality as translucency. Thin-walled items transmit light, which beautifully emphasizes the relief and curves.

Let Sagarti's magical illumination into your home.


a fragment of an artist's soul.

Even the most sophisticated equipment cannot breathe life into an inanimate object. Through the warmth of an artists' hands, a piece of clay draws vitality from its creator's soul and gains life.

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of company employees labor

Alexandr Schipalkin


is the founder of the company and a permanent member of any team behind the creation of a Sagarti collection. Espira, Sagarti's second collection, is mainly Alexander's creation. The Espira Collection moved very quickly from concept to realization thanks to Alexandr's efficiency in achieving his goals and belief in his work. Alexandr graduated in Civil Engineering from the Penza State University of Architecture and Construction. After three years experience working in a construction company, he decides to embark on a new professional venture and start his own business. In 2010 he founded Accent, a design studio where he worked for seven years with his partners. Over time, the design studio evolved and became Sagarti. Alexander leads an active lifestyle, plays sports, keeps up to date with the news, and opts for an unconventional approach in business. One of his mottoes is: "Every occurrence must be for the best."


The Espira Collection includes designs that differ in functionality, such as chandeliers for a central position in the interior, pendant lamps with a 40 and 50 cm diameter for additional lighting, as well as large-scale Grand Chandeliers for staircases and hallways.

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At the moment, Sagarti has developed 6 collections, including lighting items and decorative items. We offer you to get acquainted with models from other collections and choose what is right for you.


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