Anna Romanova

Born September 6, 1987

She graduated from Penza College of Architecture and Civil Engineering, majoring in Architecture of Residential and Industrial Buildings and Structures, with honors. Received a diploma of higher education at the Penza Pedagogical Institute. Belinsky.

He considers working as a florist in a flower salon a useful and inspiring experience in life. Masters here specialized in a creative and non-standard approach in the assembly of bouquets and compositions of fresh flowers. It was this knowledge that later helped to implement some of the ideas at the Sagarti factory.
For example, open a direction for the production of decorative flowers from porcelain. Before joining the design team, who later founded the Sagarti factory, she worked on a project for the artistic forging of metal.

Anna loves creativity in all its manifestations. Draws, sculpts flowers from polymer clay and porcelain. One of the last hobbies is studying the basics of pottery craftsmanship and hand sculpting from ceramic and stone masses, and also tries himself in working with a variety of glazes.
Favorite phrase: “Everything you can imagine is real".