A unique light installation for the salon of elite ceramics in Moscow



Snow-white bathroom filled with a soft glow of porcelain flowers. A dream of every princess even if she’s already grown up and doesn’t believe in fairy-tales. Thinking about the location for the salon of elite ceramic tile Globus Ceramika, designer Anna Elina envisioned an installation with glowing flowers there. She wasn’t hoping that she would find what she needs cut and dry, and she was going to develop luminaires specifically for this project. But her fellow designers told her that her elegant idea was already realized by Sagarti factory in the Flora collection. Then the most interesting creative process of work on the unusual project followed, which eventually satisfied everyone. Salon Globus Ceramika in Moscow is decorated with 32 porcelain callas of glazed bone china by Sagarti factory. Each flower is a full-on handwork. The most tender story about "Courage", this is how Anna Elina called her work.

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