TROPICAL DREAM made real by Sagarti


One of its kind chandelier Grand with pendants in the shape of orchid flowers.

We are sharing our joy with you – we assembled and prepared for shipping a unique and one of its kind chandelier Grand with pendants in the shape of orchid flowers. The model is custom-made for a luxurious mansion with a huge pool.

A unique chandelier with a diameter of 170 cm and a height of 130 cm will be located in the spa area adjacent to the pool. Orchid Grand chandelier has 476 porcelain orchids arranged in a hemisphere and surrounded by decorative elements in the form of hummingbirds, which seem to drink nectar from flowers.

The model with surprising beauty and design will bring an atmosphere of lightness and tropical motives to the interior, harmoniously complementing the place for rest and relaxation. Orchid pendants have the shape of flowers and are made completely by hand of biscuit porcelain.

The birds are made of bone china and covered with real gold. Each porcelain element is a small sculpture that takes Sagarti products to the level of a work of art.

This chandelier is non-standard not only in terms of design, but also in terms of constructive solutions. The company's specialists have worked out a system of additional moisture insulation so that the chandelier can function well in a humid room with a high temperature (30 - 35 degrees). Unlike standard models, built-in waterproof luminaires are used here and live elements are additionally insulated.

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